The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hey guys! Color Me Cassie here and I just wanted to say a huge thanks to my awesome silly friend CCosmetic Chaos for nominateing me to do this post! Check out her blog she is AMAZING 😛 <3

The Rules <3

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their site.
  2. Answer the 10 questions they set for you.
  3. Nominate your own 7 bloggers to receive the award and let them know.
  4. Set your own 10 questions for them to answer.

My Answers 🙂

  1. What do you want to be when you grow up, even if you are already a grown up?
    I want to be a beauty youtuber for a living while being a mom sometime in the far future. I am currently a Software Engineer though 🙂
  2. Favourite breakfast food? French Toast for sure! With lots of powdered sugar. I know I know I’m a child 😛
  3. Why did you start your blog? Because I love being able to share my Beauty knowlage with you guys and be a part of the beauty community!
  4. Who named you and why? My Mom and Dad named me, and they named me after my Mom’s cat she used to have.
  5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? California. I wouldn’t stay there forever, but I would love to just live where it is always warm for a while.
  6. If you could have dinner with someone dead or alive who would you choose? Jesus. But that might be cheating cause he is God 😛
  7. If you had a boat what would you name it? Something silly like “The Doggypaddle”
  8. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with the money? Pay off my parent’s mortgage, Pay off my mortgage, and set up a retirement fund for my parents. They sacrificed a lot for my siblings and me over the years.
  9. What is your perfect Sunday? Sleeping a lot and watching movies with my hubby <3
  10. What childhood memory do you miss the most? The week each summer my entire extended family on my Mom’s side would go to Branson Missouri and stay at a couple cabins on Table Rock Lake. We always had a blast!

My Nominations

  1. Something About Tiffanys
  2. Eleanor May’s Thoughts
  3. Dorkchops
  4. Beauty By The Bunny
  5. Style Domination
  6. Darly
  7. ToniAnn
  8. I know it says 7, but my friend Niki Crow is starting her blog tomorrow so I nominate her too!

My Questions

  1. What is you favorite color?
  2. Who is your hero?
  3. If you could go back in time and be anyone from history, who would it be?
  4. What are your top 3 ice cream flavors?
  5. What is a weird habit you have?
  6. Where is you favorite place to vacation?
  7. Are you shy or outgoing when first meeting someone?
  8. What was your first pet’s name
  9. What is the funniest thing you did as a child
  10. What is your favorite weather?

I loved doing this post and I really hope you guys do too! If you end up doing this post comment back on my page so I can check it out!

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Mall of America Haul!

Hey guys! Recently I went to the Mall of America again and picked up a ton of beauty related things! I’d love to share with you guys what I got 🙂  To view my Nordstrom Rack and Sigma Beauty Haul video watch below. Otherwise, just keep reading 🙂

The first place that I went on my MOA adventure was Nordstrom Rack. I love Nordstrom Rack because they always have top notch stuff marked down a ton. This trip I went straight into the beauty section and picked up a few fun things.

First thing I found was a ton of the NYX Q10 Renew Skin Elixer. They are normally around $12 and I scored them for $1.80 a piece. They are a primer and a skin serum, and they were such a good deal that I was THAT PERSON and took every one Nordstrom Rack had left.

They were $1.80!!! Such a great deal <3

Next I picked up Kitch Temporary Tattoos. I'm really excited about these! I can't wait to wear them this summer 🙂

Next, I got a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese. It’s a really weird name for an eye pencil, but it’s actually a really pretty shimmery white color, and I’ve been loving it for my brow bone highlight.

I’m totally in love with the color of this <3

The last thing I got at Nordstrom Rack was the Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Radiant Glow Face Powder. I haven't been able to use this a whole ton yet, but It looks pretty so far. It was $9.97 for me and originally $32 so it was a great deal.

After going to Nordstrom Rack I went to the Sigma Store at the MOA. I know. There’s a Sigma store at the MOA. Check out my video Target / Sigma Haul for more info on the Sigma Store. But I ended up getting the basics eye kit, and I have to say I am absolutly in love with the blending brush in the kit. If you buy no other brushes from Sigma, the blending brush is the way to go. I can not live with out it 😛

That middle brush (the blending brush) you need in your life! It’s the best thing I ever got <3

Anyways! Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you got any beauty products you love lately 🙂 See you guys soon!

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A Makeup Journey: Measured in Brushes

I have always had a thing for all things furry, fuzzy, and or fluffy in life. In my youth this meant feathery boas, piles of stuffed animals, and those pens with the ball of fluff on the end. I was deeply and truly a nighties baby. Now, as an adult this furry fluffy obsession seems to have focused itself on a new medium.

Makeup Brushes.

Growing up I have had a stiff, scratchy makeup brush that must have either been handed down or bought in an ultra cheap little girl makeup set.  And at the time, this was fine; I didn’t know any better.  I hardly knew how to apply all those powders and pastes to my face.  And neither me nor my parents had the money to be buying any high end brushes for a girl who hardly knew what makeup was.

These are probably similar to the brushes I was using for a long long time 😛

It really wasn’t until college, when I had a job and some spare time, that I started learning about makeup.  I remember one night I stumbled upon the youtube beauty community, and that was it.  I was a goner.  I learned more about makeup in one year than I had my entire life prior.  I bought a makeup brush from E.L.F. one day, and holy cow was my world changed.  Now, I know.  E.L.F. brushes changed my life? You have to remember that at this point a plastic bristled makeup brush was my go to tool.

I’m pretty sure this is the first elf brush I ever had

After a year of drugstore brushes I decided one day to go into an Ulta, and ended up picking up a set of Real Techniques brushes.  Again, my makeup life was changed.  These brushes were so soft, and spread products so evenly. I was in awe. And they were also affordable.  Which was incredible to me because the high end brushes I had looked at, one brush had been the cost of the entire Real Techniques set, I had gotten.

This was the set of real techniques brushes I got

As I gained more skill with my brushes, and more quality makeup products to apply.  I found that my skills in painting pretty easily translated to applying eyeshadows and liners.  That with a little practice I got a winged liner down easily (with the help of a few youtube videos), and that contouring my face lightly gave me a naturally sculpted look, instead of looking drag. And as time went on I continued to absorb beauty knowledge from countless youtubers.

Finally, about six months ago, I started thinking about starting my own channel, and helping people who were earlier versions of myself, learn what I wish I would have known.  Help them learn all of the things I should have learned to avoid years of raccoon eyes and cover up bad breakouts.  However, with working full time, my sister getting married in a few months, and the majority of the wedding being DIY, I hardly had time to start filming.

My sister Jessica was officially married on January 3rd, 2015.  And I started my channel about a month later.  Yey! But after my first few videos, I began to daydream about eyeshadow brushes that didn’t come in my pallets.  Brushes of different shapes and sizes that had different functions and could accomplish different looks.  I was dreaming of owning SIGMA .<3

What I dreamed about <3

My husband (who loves me very much) agreed to let me buy a few after I found out there was  Sigma store close by.  If you want to learn more watch the video here. I instantly fell in LOVE! I had never imagined a brush could be so soft, and apply products so evenly!  With my 3 new brushes I was in heaven.

I have to admit, last week I went to sigma again and got the basics eye kit. What can I say? I had a coupon 🙂

I’m loving the looks I can get with these brushes and can’t wait to see what makeup looks are in my future!  Who knows, maybe I’ll eventually spring for some Mac or Nars brushes.  But as of right now they aren’t in my beauty budget!

What are your favorite brushes? Let me know in the comments so I can fuel my obsession <3

Or check the video out on Youtube! Sigma / Target Drugstore Haul

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Get to know me!

Hey Guys!

If you don’t know who I am, my name is Cassie and I have a Youtube channel called Color Me Cassie.  I love all things beauty, and love sharing my life with buddies on the internet. <3  Since this is my first post I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and kinda let you guys get to know me. So I’m going to be doing the “Get to know me” tag today so you guys can learn some things that you might not know about me! If you would like to see my TMI Tag Video from my channel just watch below or skip to the questions.

Get to know me Tag:

Name: Cassie

Nickname: Cass, Cassiedoodle, Cassarole

Birthday: May 4th

Place of Birth: Minnesota

Star Sign: Taurus

Occupation: Software Engineer

Hair Color: Currently my hair color is brown, but that changes pretty often 😛 Keeps everyone guessing 😉

Hair Length: Medium Longish I think…?  like halfway to my butt.

Eye Color: Stormy Blue

Best Feature: My sense of humor 😛 I’m hilarious just so you know 😉

Braces: Yes I’ve had them, but thank goodness I don’t have them anymore! They make eating difficult and I like to eat!

Piercing: Just my ears. Kinda want them doubled though.

Tattoos: None

Righty or Lefty: Righty.  I’m completely useless with my left hand.  If anything ever happens to my right hand I’ll probably die because I’m so uncoordinated with my left.

First Best Friend:  I really don’t know.  I had different kind of friends as a young kid.  Like I had school friends, and church friends, and neighbor friends. I’d probably go with my friend Alex.  My parents and her parents were like best friends, so I was always over at her house goofing off and being silly.

First Award: Probably when I won Gold in the 4 way tug of war for Awana Olympics.  That’s my Dad’s proudest moment 🙂

First Sport: Soccer, which was incidentally my last sport.  I was really not an athletic kid.

First Real Vacation: Probably going to Branson Missouri with my extended family when I was really little.  My best childhood memories are from when we went down there every year when I was little.

First Concert: Lifelight music festival with my family.  We went camping during the festival when I was younger and went to a ton of concerts.

Favorite Movie: Oooh that’s so hard to pick.  Probably all of the Star Wars movies, and anything Marvel.  I’m sorry, they are all so good and I’m indecisive.

Favorite TV Show: Friends <3

Favorite Color: Blue for sure! I love blue!

Favorite Song: Come With Me Now by Kongos

Favorite Restaurant: Oh another hard one. Probably Fogo de Chao. It’s a really really good Brazilian steakhouse in Minneapolis.

Favorite Store: Ulta for a physical store.  I have a makeup addiction.  But online probably You can get anything there!

Favorite Book: Black by Ted Dekker

Favorite Magazine: Vouge

Favorite Shoes: I don’t have favorites.  I love them all the same <3

Currently Feeling: Tired, I need some caffeine!

Currently Single or Taken: Sorry Fellas, but I’m married to this guy:


Yeah I know right?

Currently Eating: Nothing, but I’m chewing gum.

Currently Listening To: The sound of me chewing gum 😛 jk it’s not that loud.

Currently Thinking About: Writing this blog post.

Currently Watching:  Nothing right this second, but I’m going through season three of House of Cards with the hubby.

Currently Wearing: A purple long sleeved shirt which is secretly a PJ top, but I wear it as a shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and a pair of faux furry booties!

Do you want children?  Yes eventually, but not right this second

Do you want to be married?  Yes…. Cause…. I am.  It would be kinda awful if I didn’t.

Do you have any careers in mind? Well I am currently a software engineer and the current plan is to stay one until I’m going to be a mom.

Where do you want to live? Well my husband and I just moved into our first ever house and I would really like to stay there for the foreseeable future.  I like where we live now.

Do you believe in God?  Yes! 100%! I am a child of the most high king <3 and I’m pretty darn sure that makes me a princess 😛

Do you believe in miracles? Yes, see above.

Do you believe in love at first sight? No.  I believe that love is a choice and that you have to choose to love someone every single day.  I believe there is attraction at first sight, but that’s just what gets you initially interested in considering to choose that person.

Do you believe in ghosts? Not in the modern sense of the word.  But I do believe that there are struggles going on between good and evil that we can’t see.

Do you believe in aliens? No.

Do you believe in soul mates? Yes, I believe that my husband was put here on this earth for me and I for him.  That being said, I don’t believe that if one of us died that would be it for the other.  I believe and hope that if I were to die earlier in my life, Bryan would be able to eventually find someone else to share life with, I wouldn’t want him to have to spend life alone.

Do you believe in Heaven or Hell?  Yes, I believe both are real.

Do you believe in kissing on the first date?  I think it depends on the person.  I only ever dated my husband and we were really good friends for a while first.  So we kissed on the first date, but it’s not like I just met him or anything.  I don’t think I would kiss someone that I had just met and gone on a first date with.

Do you believe in yourself? Completely!  I believe I can achieve my goal, it just takes a bit of hard work.


If you got this far, then just comment “Got the cool factor” because you guys are my favorites! <3

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