A Makeup Journey: Measured in Brushes

I have always had a thing for all things furry, fuzzy, and or fluffy in life. In my youth this meant feathery boas, piles of stuffed animals, and those pens with the ball of fluff on the end. I was deeply and truly a nighties baby. Now, as an adult this furry fluffy obsession seems to have focused itself on a new medium.

Makeup Brushes.

Growing up I have had a stiff, scratchy makeup brush that must have either been handed down or bought in an ultra cheap little girl makeup set.  And at the time, this was fine; I didn’t know any better.  I hardly knew how to apply all those powders and pastes to my face.  And neither me nor my parents had the money to be buying any high end brushes for a girl who hardly knew what makeup was.

These are probably similar to the brushes I was using for a long long time 😛

It really wasn’t until college, when I had a job and some spare time, that I started learning about makeup.  I remember one night I stumbled upon the youtube beauty community, and that was it.  I was a goner.  I learned more about makeup in one year than I had my entire life prior.  I bought a makeup brush from E.L.F. one day, and holy cow was my world changed.  Now, I know.  E.L.F. brushes changed my life? You have to remember that at this point a plastic bristled makeup brush was my go to tool.

I’m pretty sure this is the first elf brush I ever had

After a year of drugstore brushes I decided one day to go into an Ulta, and ended up picking up a set of Real Techniques brushes.  Again, my makeup life was changed.  These brushes were so soft, and spread products so evenly. I was in awe. And they were also affordable.  Which was incredible to me because the high end brushes I had looked at, one brush had been the cost of the entire Real Techniques set, I had gotten.

This was the set of real techniques brushes I got

As I gained more skill with my brushes, and more quality makeup products to apply.  I found that my skills in painting pretty easily translated to applying eyeshadows and liners.  That with a little practice I got a winged liner down easily (with the help of a few youtube videos), and that contouring my face lightly gave me a naturally sculpted look, instead of looking drag. And as time went on I continued to absorb beauty knowledge from countless youtubers.

Finally, about six months ago, I started thinking about starting my own channel, and helping people who were earlier versions of myself, learn what I wish I would have known.  Help them learn all of the things I should have learned to avoid years of raccoon eyes and cover up bad breakouts.  However, with working full time, my sister getting married in a few months, and the majority of the wedding being DIY, I hardly had time to start filming.

My sister Jessica was officially married on January 3rd, 2015.  And I started my channel about a month later.  Yey! But after my first few videos, I began to daydream about eyeshadow brushes that didn’t come in my pallets.  Brushes of different shapes and sizes that had different functions and could accomplish different looks.  I was dreaming of owning SIGMA .<3

What I dreamed about <3

My husband (who loves me very much) agreed to let me buy a few after I found out there was  Sigma store close by.  If you want to learn more watch the video here. I instantly fell in LOVE! I had never imagined a brush could be so soft, and apply products so evenly!  With my 3 new brushes I was in heaven.

I have to admit, last week I went to sigma again and got the basics eye kit. What can I say? I had a coupon 🙂

I’m loving the looks I can get with these brushes and can’t wait to see what makeup looks are in my future!  Who knows, maybe I’ll eventually spring for some Mac or Nars brushes.  But as of right now they aren’t in my beauty budget!

What are your favorite brushes? Let me know in the comments so I can fuel my obsession <3

Or check the video out on Youtube! Sigma / Target Drugstore Haul

For more haul videos check out my Target / Drugstore Mini Haul!

To see me use my new sigma brushes check out my Get Ready With Me Video!


  1. I love this! Brushes are so important! Yours so lucky to have gotten a few sigma brushes! I definitely want to invest in some soon! Congrats on your sister getting married btw!

    1. Thanks! Brushes are super important! And I am so so so happy with them. I don’t think all purchase brushes again for a while. Thanks! It was a beautiful wedding, and the are a beautiful couple!

    2. I totally get you about furry, fuzzy and fluffy stuff obsession! ^^
      Great post, my story is pretty the same. Gone from knowing barely nothing about brushes to a obsessed brush hoarder in last 4 years. 😀

      I also started my way with e.l.f, worked it up to Sigma, Sedona Lace, Coastal Scents, Real Techniques and 2 MAC ones (224 and 168).

      If you didn’t yet, I recommend you to try EcoTools and Bdellium tools brushes- I buy those from iHerb.com. My favourites are EcoTools domed bronzer brush, deluxe fan brush (I use it for highlighter) and blush brush. They are very soft and fluffy! Not too pricey also.
      Sedona Lace and Coastal Scents also have some nice brushes to offer.

      1. Thanks! Oooh I’ve heard a little about the Coastal Scents ones, I’ll have to look. I also think I might have gotten some eco tools eye brushes a while back as a gift… but my husband and I just moved… So idk what box they are in 😛 Thanks For the suggestions <3

  2. For the longest time (before I was a beauty blogger), makeup brushes weren’t even on my radar screen. Why would I need brushes if I had fingers and the cheap applicators that came with my makeup, lol? Now I adore them. I have quite a few, but I actually need a new stipling brush and I’m off to Ulta to pick up one of the ones from Real Techniques that another blogger recommended for $9.99

  3. I enjoyed reading this <3 It's amazing looking back at our makeup journeys right? Thank you for sharing.

    Val from wildflowersandcurls.blogspot.com

  4. I can totally relate to this post; I started off with a couple of inexpensive plastic brushes, and now own quite a few sigma brushes, and the difference is night and day! Thanks for the post!

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