10 Tips For Photo Ready Makeup

Hey guys! I just posted a tutorial on how to do photo ready make for outdoor or beach photo shoots. So I also wanted to share with you guys a few tips for doing your makeup when shooting outside 😀

  1. Always use a primer for your face and your eyes!  The worst thing that could happen during a photo shoot is your makeup coming off, and when you’re outdoors it is a lot easier for that to happen.  Make sure you use a face primer and an eye primer to make sure your foundation and eyeshadow stay in place.
  2. Stay away from sunscreen!  When taking pictures outside, sunscreen will give a white cast to the skin.  Stay away from sunscreen in your foundation to avoid this.  If you absolutely need protection from the sun, opt for a moisturizer containing spf and apply this before your primer and foundation.  The extra layers of primer and foundation on top will guard against the white cast.
  3. Go with a natural to matte finish foundation.  No one wants to look sweaty in a photo shoot, so make sure you go for a matte or natural finish foundation because any dewy or luminous foundation will come off sweaty in photographs.
  4. Contour your face.  Pictures flatten your face.  Thats where the whole “the camera adds 10 pounds” thing comes from.  To avoid this you need to add shape back into your face.  To see how to do this click “Photo Ready Makeup Tutorial” or “Old Contouring Tutorial”.
  5. Set your makeup with a mattefying powder.  This is just an extra step that will give and even surface to your makeup and keep it in place longer.
  6. Define the crease.  With your eye makeup you really want to make sure you define the crease of your eyelid.  This will help your eyes show up on camera.
  7. Line your eyes.  Lining the lash lines of your eyes will help define where the edge of your eyes are in pictures. This is a great step to keep them from blending in to the rest of your face and a must for outdoor photography.
  8. Where a lipstick.  Even if you end up wearing a nude lipstick, this step really helps your lips stand out from the rest of your face and keep them from blending in. It’s all about defining your features so you can still see them in pictures.
  9. Avoid lip gloss.  If you really really love lip gloss you can still wear it, but when the wind is blowing and your hair is plastered to your mouth don’t come crying to me 😉
  10. Stay away from sparkles.  Any shiny or glitter things in your makeup is going to reflect more in pictures and look really unnatural. So make sure you stay Matte in your face and eye makeup.

Hope these tips really helped you guys out! If you want to see my tutorial for photo ready makeup or watch the video below!

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